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Boston Post Dairy, LLC

Boston Post Dairy Cheeses

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Trés Bonne- (French for very good) ACS Award Winning goat milk cheese. This cheese is aged 2 - 5 months.  It has a Fresh, mild, nutty flavor, which makes it a favorite with kids. 8 Oz. 

Eleven Brothers Aged Goat MilkTwo Time Award Winner! (named after our Eleven Brothers, who, like this cheese, were a lot of work but turned out great!) aged 4-6 months washed rind, a hard cheese, rich buttery texture, with nutty undertones and a symphony of flavors. Wonderful for grating. 8 Oz. 

Gisele- Named after our Mom. It's her favorite! Alpine style cheese, reminds you of swiss cheese for it's flavor. Made with a blend of cow and goat milk. Natural washed rind cheese, washed with apple cider and cinnamon. 8 Oz.

Bon PereNamed after our father. He loves this cheese. French term for "good father"
This is a cow/goat blended cheese. It ages for 3-5 months. It's flavor intensifies as it ages.
This is a creamy mild cheese that melts well. 8 Oz.

Smokin' GoudCorn Cob Smoked Gouda Style Goat cheese Aged 2-5 months. Creamy with a distinct cob smoked flavor.

Subject to seasonal availability 

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